2M Houses

• Lucian Blaga Street, Voluntari, ROMANIA •

• Land plot area – 500 sqm •

• Gross spread areea – 400 sqm •

• Gf+1 •

The construction is well grounded on the site. Rigorously parallel to the property’s rear limit, at the range prescribed by the norms, it unravels on the other three sides through various withdrawals in which the space of the yard pushes towards the interior, branches out and develops, both horizontally and vertically. Seen from the street it seems to be made of one piece, although it hosts two duplexes. The entrances, set on the sides cannot be simultaneously perceived.

Contrasting the free geometry of the facades, the blueprints are symmetrical. Yet the ground floor has a transversal axis, while the upper floor is mirrored longitudinally – and this is the project’s main particularity. The division of volumes on the upper floor creates an inner yard that is articulated with the one on the ground floor. The living rooms each two glazed walls, differently oriented, which – respecting the symmetry of the layout – lend the facade irregular appearance. The central area of the ground floor is clear. A large terrace sinks bellow the inner yard, a volume of half shade amplified by the background covered in black slate.

The utility facilities are grouped on the opposite side of the street: central heating, laundry, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. The upper floor’s volume is cantilevered in three ways and stands on sheer air – if that’s what we can call the hollow core and the glazing of the ground floor. Both on the interior and on the facades, purely orthogonal volumes enter a vigorous dialogue, emphasized by the smooth surfaces, the clear play of textures – plaster, stone, glass, wood – and the chromatic contrast: black and white.



  • architect Paul Razvan PUCHICI – author and coordinator
  • architect Claudia IONEL
  • architect Artenian SOLDEA
Structure engineer

engineer Daniela PUCHICI

  • engineer Dan VARTANIAN – fluids
  • engineer Valentin BOCA – electrical
  • engineer Mihaela Apostol – heating and ventilation