having a portfolio of clients from various societies (Dacia Renault, Opel, Citroen, Valeo, Stihl, Conarg, Doka, Raiffeisen, Mobifon, Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen, Popovici Nitu & Asociatii), ARXTUDIO team has added value in all the project it was involved.


ability to integrate and develop comprehensive solutions for complex design and coordination, assistance, consultancy and construction management are our priorities. ARXTUDIO offers integrated services for architecture and construction consultancy.


experiences with all our internal and external partners have generated quality, completion on time and on budget for all the projects entrusted by our clients. Relied on experiences success, we build on each project the resources required for an successful finish.


  • our team is coordinating all the specialists of each project
  • our team is assisting the clients in the spirit of "working together" concept
  • our team is administrating the projects budgets
  • our team is developing concepts
  • our team is cultivating communities and relationships
  • our team is drafting the primordial forms agreements

ARXTUDIO team is creativalue.


  • general designing and architecture
  • complete documents for construction licenses
  • post execution licenses and documents
  • project management
  • additional services for construction activities


  • Architect Paul Razvan PUCHICI – office and team coordinator
  • Architect Ioana MOANGA – coordinator architect
  • Architect Irina Oana Calinescu – main architect
  • Architect Ciprian DRAGHICESCU – main architect
  • Architect Daniel IORGA – main architect
  • Architect Vasile REVIN – junior architect
  • Engineer Daniela PUCHICI – main engineer
  • Economist Alina Madalina CEAU – office manager

ARXTUDIO Extended Team

  • Architect Felix TUE – ESTARCHITECTURE – team coordinator / MONTREAL, CA
  • Architect Gabriel BUNEA – team coordinator / NEW YORK, USA
  • Architect Oana CRISAN – main architect / NEW YORK, USA
  • Architect Iulia GHIORGHE – EDGE STUDIO – concept architect
  • Architect Claudia Tatiana IONEL – interior design architect
  • Architect Iulian CUCU – interior design architect

They worked with us, we thank you all:

  • Architect Ion Mircea ARGATU
  • Architect Laura CHIFIRIUC
  • Architect Adrian CRISTEA
  • Architect Ana Maria IORDAN / partner
  • Architect Ioana ISPAS
  • Architect Tudor ISPAS
  • Architect Serban JUVERDEANU
  • Designer Sergiu LALUT
  • Architect Lucia MAOR
  • Architect Laurentiu MORAR
  • Architect Claudiu OLARU
  • Architect Horia RADULESCU / partner
  • Architect Simona SCHIOPU
  • Architect Dragos TEODOROVICI
  • Architect Marius TONOIU
  • Architect Emilia TUGUI
  • Architect Andrei ULEIA / partner