Montana Gas Station

• Campulung Muscel, ARGES County •

• Land plot area – 4.300 sqm •

• Gross spread area – 1.750 sqm •

• Gf+1F •

The most difficult challenge of the project was to accommodate three different types of use: gas station, office and showroom. The result is a mono volume, in which all the ground floor is affected by the gas station facilities and the showroom and all the first level is awarded to the offices, connected through a separate access.

The coherence and unity of the mixed-in building is assigned to the huge canopy, which second role is to hide the industrial appearance towards the historical neighborhood of the ancient city, especially seen from the natural corniche of the city.



  • architect Paul Razvan PUCHICI – author
  • architect Ioana MOANGA– joint author
Structure engineer

engineer Andrei SENDROIU

Platforms & roads

engineer Ion HASCHI

General contractor