Showroom Porcelanosa

• Bucharest, ROMANIA •


What seems to become from the beginning a difficult challenge, full of constrains, has proved to be finally a simple issue within reach for the architects: PORCELANOSA Group products are coming themselves with their own history and emotion, that freed us from all the creation ordeals. And we decided to propose a labyrinth, a fluid searching of space for surprises and unexpected perspectives.

The difficult request that came from the client was the necessity for displaying similarity for all the eight Porcelanosa factories and reaching a high level of information and visibility, in an deficient space, for some electrical ambient and product diversity.

Conciliation of the two directions of the existing space, the 45 degree angle “handicap” and the typical anchor image proposed towards urban space (the shop window as a display/curiosity/mirage/the night image…) generated a chain of cores (five major ambients and several small ones), with visible plans front/back type and a path that proposes and demands discovery, search, discovery, search, discovery, search, …




  • architect Paul Razvan PUCHICI
  • architect Gabriela Iulia GHIORGHE