Tent House

• Rucar, Arges County, ROMANIA •

• Land plot area – 450 sqm •

• Gross spread areea – 185 sqm •

• Gf+1 

Built in a very heterogenous landscape and at the cross of different activities (church, graveyard, small commercial stores), the holiday house re-renders the traditional archetip of the area: wood structures, wood shingles facades and roofs or natural stones, but translated into present times: living areas are upstairs and bedrooms on the ground floor, traditional structure is now a collated and laminated wood structure and the shingles facades become slate covers, with metallic plates accents.



  • architect Paul Razvan PUCHICI – author and coordinator
  • architect Ciprian DRAGHICESCU
Structure engineer

engineer Adrian DUMITRESCU

  • engineer Dan VARTANIAN – fluids
  • engineer Valentin BOCA – electrical
  • engineer Mihaela Apostol – heating and ventilation