Titu Stadium

77 Garii Street, Titu, Dambovita County

Landplot area – 30.000 sqm

Football stadium – UEFA II-nd Cathegory

Facilities for 2.200 persons

ARXTUDIO Team prepared the new concept for an old fashioned and existing sport arena, in order to obtain a better UEFA Category and new and modern facilities for football and additional activities.



  • architect Paul Razvan PUCHICI – author and coordinator
  • architect Irina CALINESCU
  • architect Daniel IORGA
  • architect Adrian CRISTEA
  • architect Ciprian DRAGHICESCU
  • architect Laurentiu MORAR
Structure engineer

engineer Andrei SENDROIU / DESIGN.ING

  • engineer Dan VARTANIAN – fluids
  • engineer Valentin BOCA – electrical
  • engineer Mihaela Apostol – heating and ventilation
Exterior systematisation

engineer Ion HASCHI

General contractor